With the X Series Classic 8" Chef Knife from Anvil and Hammer you will look and cook like a Pro!

Made from VG-10 Japanese super steel and sustainably sourced African Rosewood. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty and Anvil & Hammer's world-class customer service.



Hammered mirror finish. Made from fine stainless steel for extended edge retention, easy sharpening & high resistance to rust & staining. The fine materials curated to create the X Series posses high performance & high visual qualities offering you a knife that looks as good as it performs. Presented to you in a matt white gift box making this knife a perfect gift for those who appreciate fine kitchen knives.


The Story of Damascus Steel


Damascus steel is centuries old, and historically it has been shrouded in mystery. Legend has it that Damascus steel swords could cut through a rifle barrel, or split a lock of hair that was draped across its blade. 


So, where does it come from?


Damascus steel is said to have originated in the near East. It was used to make swords that were reputed to be resistant to shattering, tough, and that could be honed to a very sharp and resilient edge. The actual process used by blacksmiths in the 13th century has been lost in time but modern steel manufacturers have devised ways to replicate the Damascus steel in form and function.


Used to make swords, particularly through Arabia, where it powered an entire weapons industry. However, as the demand for swords declined through modern times, the steel has been re- utilised. It is now a source of high quality steel to make kitchen knives and other more modern products.


A superior type of steel, who’s craft has been handed down through generations, the finished product of Damascus steel has a very unique and distinctive pattern that looks like its made of flowing water.


Damascus steel itself is created by folding and hammering it into layers around a core of higher quality steel ideal for sharpening. This process creates the iconic layering & texture that we see on the side of a blade today. 


The blade is then taken and dipped in a ferric chloride or muriatic acid to complete is hardening and sharpening process, and this also brings out the unique pattern, which like a finger print, means there are no two the same.


In the market place today there are a lot of etched or imitation pieces designed to mimic the Damascus Steel Chef Knife. 


So it takes a keen eye and knowledge of knife making to understand what good quality the Damascus steel actually is. 


If you decide to buy one, look for the true layering and texture of the blade, and bear in mind this is something that is truly unique. 


Damascus steel makes an impression on its owner, who will come to know the unique pattern of ‘their favourite knife’, and like a fingerprint, it identifies something about them, and they are as a cook, or a chef.


Generally, a true Damascus will be priced at $70 (USD) and above, and sometimes much higher depending on who made it, where and how it was made. 


Some kitchen knife makers create them by hand and are able to sell one off knives for well over $200, some well over $2000! (USD)


If you were looking to buy any kitchen knives that are priced under $70 that claim to be true Damascus steel I would enquire with the seller. Where was it made? What is its history? Be sure to get a genuine product.


What makes it stand out from the competition? 


As mentioned above Damascus steel has a great hardness rating, typically around the 60+ RH (Rockwell Hardness) rating meaning it can be sharpened to a great edge and will maintain that edge longer than normal stainless steel. It is also very aesthetically pleasing, a dream for any professional or budding chef to work with.



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